Spanish is the second native language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese, and the fourth language in a global calculation, after English, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi. Today 7.5% of the planet’s inhabitants speak Spanish.

With an indisputable cultural and literary heritage, the Spanish Language has little relevant international representation in science, technology and economy.

In these areas, English is more valued and is assumed to reflect a higher and more qualified status. In fact, we often use phrases or words in English to reinforce our intellectual and professional level.

The scientific production generated in English is superior to that generated in Spanish

Despite the important scientific production generated by Spanish-speaking countries, little is published in Spanish. World scientific production draws a highly concentrated map, in which both the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are in the top fifteen positions in the classification: the aggregate scientific production of these four countries is seven times greater than that generated by all Spanish-speaking countries.

Currently, one of the most important challenges for Spanish is its expansion in the field of science and technology. Achieving this objective has a very relevant economic and social impact, which gives this challenge an important strategic dimension.

The digital society has multiplied the capacity for interpersonal and collective relationships, as well as the distribution of content and access to it. In this context, it is essential to adapt to the globalized environment and the permanent technological and digital revolution that is changing the 21st century at full speed.

In Medicine, the frenetic pace of the advancement of knowledge and technology requires a permanent updating process. When technology evolves, obsolescence also affects professionals and their clinical practice. And it ends up disconnecting them from the new professional reality produced by innovation.

Promotion of Spanish as a professional language in Medicine

The promotion of our language as a professional language in Medicine, taking into account the demographic and geographical extension of our language, would help us position ourselves internationally as a scientific and technological language, and would generate a progressive interest in our work culture and our capacity for innovation. , which has an important return and added value for our country. The great quality of Medicine is that it has and transmits a scientific and technological profile, so promoting the dissemination and use of our language would favor and expand both profiles of our language.

spanish in Medicine

This professional use allows us to narrate innovation and medical and technological advances, from highly qualified environments, giving Spanish a qualitative dimension if it is used as a preferred vehicle for medical information and, therefore, scientific and technological advances: a way to become at the forefront spearhead for greater international penetration in areas of research and innovation. By being recognized and identified as an advanced scientific language, Spanish would be perfectly capable of creating a sense of belonging and respect.

Our true challenge is to believe in who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It is having and transmitting confidence in our greatest treasure and our best tool: our language.

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