Partners of FIRST

A Simulation Training Center in Fetal Medicine and Therapy, Assisted Human Reproduction and Reproductive Medicine, where the development of skills and technological change inherent to clinical practice in real scenarios are transferred to the design, development and implementation of simulation programs with reliable and standardized evaluation methods.
Simulation programs developed by FIRST offer trainees and specialists the opportunity to learn and practice procedures with varying degrees of difficulty in a safe, risk-free environment with unlimited repetition.

They receive real-time feedback that, combined with a structured report with expert teachers, facilitates the development of the motor and cognitive skills necessary to master the techniques.

FIRST (Fetal, IVF and Reproduction Simulation Training Center) was created with the mission of supporting the different simulation training models applied to Fetal Medicine and Reproductive Medicine, both in the medical area and in the laboratory area, which have been designed and put into operation by FORESIGHT and FIRST.