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The progressive loss of physiological integrity and the accumulation of degenerative changes leading to functional deterioration and increased susceptibility to disease: the main characteristics of aging.

In women, the ovary, the key organ that maintains female reproductive and endocrine function, enters the aging process earlier and faster than other organs.

The distinctive features of ovarian aging require a differentiated approach to highlight its main characteristics and explore its clinical symptoms and underlying mechanisms.

The aim is to develop intervention strategies related to healthy aging in women.

Ovarian aging leads to estrogen deficiency, which not only directly affects tissues and organs with estrogen receptors, such as the ovary, endometrium, vaginal epithelium, skin, hypothalamus and urinary tract, but also influences other aspects of the organism, such as the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and immune systems, emotional and sleep patterns, cognitive capacity and energy metabolism.

Therefore, unless there is a clear contraindication, patients with premature menopause (surgical or otherwise) should start treatment at the earliest opportunity. With regard to natural menopause, most regulatory agencies have recommended initiation of HRT within the first 10 years of menopause.

In that scenario, our position is a holistic approach based on timely, continued, and personalized administration of HRT as part of the overall management of the menopausal woman.

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