Personalized Medicine

Medicina Personalizada

Personalized Medicine: data that heal

We are in a time of very rapid and profound technological changes that imply a continuous process of adaptation and flexibility in decision-making. Faced with this changing environment, data management and the redesign of the way of working are key elements of health in the 21st century and provide a different perspective to address problems and their solutions.

The combination of digitization, development and application of knowledge management tools, as well as advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining, are bringing the management and provision of health care closer to a substantial improvement in quality, safety, equity, and efficiency.

In this scenario, the concept of Prospective HealthCare is based on the integration of clinical and genomic data, a flexible integration that can be updated in real time.

Personalized medicine, data that heals, for each patient, for all patients as a whole and for the Health System itself.